Anatomy of a tech row: BlueSky vs Thomas Cook

Now that Thomas Cook are being taken to court by former staff of the software development partner “BlueSky Travel Systems” under ‘Protection of Employment’ regulations. It seems that staff think that TC are responsible as they were in effect the employer and were responsible for them losing their jobs when the plug was pulled on the ‘Global’ projevt they were working on.

I find it fasinating that TC did not use a perfectably serviceable I.T. Company thay have/had in house in Belgium but instead chose to work with BlueSky. They had acquired Delight information Systems through Airtours.

Their ITOS application is one of the best large scale tour operator systems I have seen. It needs a more modern platform these days but Delight have a great team of developers that are more than up to the Job.
So why did they go the “BlueSky” route, which was then a small application provider, and try and turn it into a major player in a very short time? I assume because someone thought the software was worthwhile!!
unfortuneately, that is only half the answer, strategic planning and business development skills are needed too – all of which are vertually impossible to combine when outsourced.

The net result is the current situation with the ex Bluesky employees. It will be interesting to see that happens next.