Open Source Booking System

Travel Systems Associates are the European General Sales Agent for ‘Trabacus’ the first Open Source travel industry booking system available using the OPENERP software platform which is delivered via the ‘CLOUD’ on a rental basis or as a development purchase. ‘Trabacus’ is designed for both Tour Operators and Online Travel Agents. From January 2014 Trabacus was updated using version 8 of OpenERP, which gives even better visuals and software functionality; including new GDS and supplier API/XML links.

What makes Open Source Different?

Put simply: Business flexibility and Cost.

The Travel Industry needs to improve the products it sells and the major obstacle to that is the technology deployed often prevents products being sold in the most innovative and profitable manner. This is particularly true of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) where the cost of technology and booking systems specifically is such that most business agility is severely compromised.

‘Trabacus’ offers business flexibility by offering a range of standard features that are often not found on even the most expensive booking systems currently on the market. If your company needs to be an individual island in a sea of standard booking systems, take a look at the standard features ‘Trabacus’ offers:-

  • The latest booking functions
  • Choice of supplier links
  • Choice of On Line booking links
  • Full accounting ledgers
  • CRM integrated to your website(s)
  • Human Resource Management
  • Reporting & Administration

There are two distinctive sales channels for ‘Trabacus’;

  • The first is; Software as a Service (SaaS), for companies requiring on-going support and development from us. The advantage is that you get the most up to date software at a fraction of the cost of current license purchases. Simply pay per user per month!
  • Secondly; for travel companies that want to develop their own systems there is the purchase option. This saves years of expensive software development by giving a standard system that can be tailored to suit your own business needs.
  • ‘Trabacus’ is a single system business solution that significantly improves your business efficiency while cutting costs and improving your sales efficiency, which means a better product margin for you!

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