Cloud Computing Services

New Travelsystems logoCloud Computing  lowers I.T. costs improves flexibility and scalability!

Gives you money and time to focus on customers!

We offer companies in the travel industry the real advantages of ‘Cloud Computing’. Replace costly legacy systems with the latest Cloud based hardware and services!

For the first time there is a group that fully understands your travel business and the big business benefits that cloud computing offers. During the past couple of years you will have probably have heard the term ‘Cloud Computing’ and probably understand that it offers the opportunity of paying for all your I.T. needs on a rental basis instead of paying for costly Servers, infrastructure, software licenses etc. Cloud Services from Travel Systems offers many other business benefits, including:

  • No Capital Expenditure in your I.T. budget
  • Monthly Rental fees
  • Control costs by tailoring user features
  • Centralised Hosting of business applications and websites
  • Flexibility and scalability of adding or removing servers
  • Fully distributed for security and service
  • 24/7 support

Many major travel companies have already seen the advantages of Cloud Computing and now Travel Systems Associates brings those products and services to all types and size of travel organisations. Existing I.T. departments retain full control while reducing day to day operational requirements that allow more time to focus on solution and project work that positively impact the business.

In the travel sector all types of company benefit from the ‘Cloud’; from Travel Management companies to Car Rental and Accommodation businesses. Improvements include flexibility and scalability, by providing extra capacity when you need it most – i.e. for new brochure or website launches or to cover for peak booking times. This avoids having to budget for the peak demand across the whole year! Another example is specialist tour operators; in sectors such as Ski or Sports, who need extra capacity for during certain periods of time or specific events!

Cloud Computing gives clients the opportunity to move their software applications into an environment that reduces costs by removing Capital Expenditure and replacing it with tax efficient monthly fees.

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