Customer Relationship Management for the Travel Industry

When dealing with clients and customers in this fast moving world being able to build a long term relationship with them is difficult and to maintain the relationship even more challanging. It is an accepted industry standard that it costs 5 times as much to gain a customer as it does to keep the customer, and in today’s challenging  market conditions it particularly true. The right CRM software can transform your business.

We are experts in the management and use of customer data from the building of customer lists, cleaning the data, writing and delivering the collateral to precisely targeted customers or prospects. Many system suppliers provide CRM features but there is often no substitute for having your own application that is tailored to your business and the way you operate. In the travel trade ‘knowledge’ is vital and having indepth ‘knowledge’ of your customers records including buying habits and value is paramount!

We offer a number of solutions from a web hosted solution starting at £75 per month to a completely installed CRM system that develops its own sales channel whilst giving users total mobility. We are also experts in this field providing some of the best consultancy in the industry.