Data Protection

Business data protection.

‘Travel Systems’ now offers a full data encryption service to ensure your business systems are fully protected from internal and external threats.

Data is the life blood of any business and the loss of it or an attack on it can have catastrophic and very costly affects on you company. It is vital to keep your confidential business and customer information protected from both internal and external attacks. Everything from accounts and customer data to your email and website can be vulnerable without your software being encrypted.

‘Travel Systems Associates provide project management and engineering expertise, providing solutions that will ensure that the data on your computer, server or peripheral devices such as external hard drives and USB memory sticks is always stored in a secure encrypted state.
We will ensure that your data is available only to authorised users on your network and as the encryption products we use operate transparently in the background, end users don’t have to undergo training or alter their work behaviours.

Because your data has been encrypted you can safely allow laptops and peripherals secure in the knowledge that even if the worst were to happen and your device is lost or stolen, the data will be useless and unreadable to any third party that tries to access it.You can safely and seamlessly exchange emails & data with colleagues within your organisation and trusted partners outside in the knowledge that the content will only be read by the intended recipient.
A properly configured and encrypted network will enable you to comply with many of the obligations and compliance regulations of business as laid out under the Data Protection Act.
Encyption Services can be provided, there are three options available:

PC Services:

For smaller companies

  • Each PC is individually loaded
  • Company maintained or hosted
  • Project management available

Universal Server:

  • Seperate Server to control encyption envrionment
  • Company maintained or hosted
  • Project management available

Managed Service:

  • Fully ‘Cloud’ Managed
  • Configuration changes tested and implemented
  • Access to our 24x7x365 helpdesk with a 30 minute response
  • Proactive Management
  • Maximum Incident Response Times
  • Policy reviews
  • Policy changes and updates
  • Timed Statistics and reports
  • Software Management / service Pack /Feature Upgrades
  • Customer portal for logging incidents