Data secuity in the travel industry

Data Security in the travel industry still only seems to be a priority when a major problem arises! I read with interest an article in Tnooz  today about a Data breach at Viator that has directly affected over 1.4 million customers. Nearly 880,000 people had financial information stolen in the breach while 550,00 others may have potential problems with their information being possibly breached by hackers.

Regardless if it is financial or personal data the global travel industry can not longer afford to be complacent about systems security.

The use of third party Security Operations Centre’s is a really cost effective method of protecting your business. No information is sent to outside organisations but they do monitor data trends that indicate problems building and then work with your IT department to stop them developing in anything from fraud to  full blown cyber attacks. For less than the cost of a member of staff, you can potentially save your business several times a year!!

Together with a business partner we have become resellers for a top end security service that provides (excuse the old adage) military grade data monitoring and protection. It is expensive, but still less than the cost of a reservations agents salary p.a., but boy is the peace of mind worth it! Not to mention the savings of possible losses of money as well as to your business reputation. Call for a confidential discussion.