Malware attacks nearly double UK travel industry beware

Malware attacks nearly doubled in the first half of 2014. With the UK (17%) suffering the largest growth in Europe, ahead of Germany (12%). Companies that hold large databases including clients financial and personal details already need to comply with existing Data Protection Laws but in 2015 UK and European regulations are to be significantly strengthened.  Fines for the loss of data which are already significant will increase to levels where no business can afford to be complacent, any longer.

Data security is a particularly vital in the travel sector as it has by it holds very large databases of client financial and personal information. New enhanced EU and UK data protection laws coming in 2015 make it even more important that the ‘Travel sector’ combats data threats and cyber-attacks. As an example; – a well know Bank had a data breach in June and only discovered it in July. Can your company afford those sorts of challenges?

Even if your Travel business already has a data security section within in its I.T. department or at least employs a security officer you are likely to need access to a ‘Security Operations Centre’ that offers the most advanced Cyber Security. The latest services will identify Cyber-attacks in the form of Advanced Persistent Treats (APT) block them and repeat attacks while defending against attacks from new directions!

The best is never cheap but it can be very cost effective. We work with Tamite Ltd to provide the travel industry with one of the very best precise treat detection services available in the world.

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