Travel industry system support.

Your PC Network is usually the core of your business and it is vital that it runs efficiently. Cost effectiveness is also paramount. At Travel Systems Associates we can help you review your Network requirements and keep it maintained in a manner that suits your business needs and budget. We can advise you on the best Network configuration that will ensure that your business is well protected from all possible sources of disruption.

We offer support to all the major types of Network and operating systems. We give a choice of support profiles so that customers can choose the one that suits them best:

  • Consultancy – Achieving the desired results at the right price is always a challenge with computer Networks. We can advise you on both. A short free of charge initial meeting followed by a fixed price recommendation and costing document can save you significant amounts of money! Don’t forget, consultancy fees are tax deductible.
  • On site engineering support – This can be ad hoc to solve individual problems or for specific project such as installing a new network, including PC’s and Servers. We can also provide  regular scheduled vists to monitor and maintain your Hardware.
  • Managed Network Support – Travel Systems Associates  also arrange remote 24/7 support that monitors your Network for a fixed monthly fee to ensure that problems are identified quickly and are resolved, usually, without the customer being aware of them.

Because we know the travel industry and have worked in it, we can understand your business requirements and aims and do not waste time and money by continually having ask ‘what and why’? For example, if you link to an external supplier such as a GDS or are a member of a consortia we already know the standards and objectives.