Sonata acquires Rezopia

Sonata Travel has acquired U.S. based “Rezopia” the Cloud based booking solution provider. As part of the deal the have purchased 100% of “XYKA” the Indian based I.T. services company that the Directors of Rezopia owned. Buying the marketing and support of a company is always a good plan!

This may be the start of a pattern as larger service and solution companies expand into the Travel Industry – which lets face it – is not awash with major players as it has proven to be too complex in the past. Cloud services and solutions are a game changer!

Companies like Sonata may not presently beĀ  well known names in the travel sector but they will be soon. It may not help them much in the European market, to start with, but it would seem to be a good bet that we can expect a bigger presence there in the near term.