Team Drive for Smart Businesses

Remove the hassle of managing, accessing, sharing and backing up all your important documents including company accounts, customer presentations, proposals, spreadsheets and emails on all your company computers in one simple solution – Create Your TeamDrive.

After TeamDrive has been installed and setup by our team of friendly technicians your data will be:

  • Securely and automatically backed up offsite
  • Instantly synchronised between your desktop computer, laptop and mobile
  • Available in shared workspaces for colleagues, customers and suppliers. Everyone always has access to the latest version.  Send and share files with work colleagues

TeamDrive gives everyone in your business their own secure file store with no software to install or server maintenance to worry about. Files are automatically synchronised across each employee’s laptop, office and home computer, with the latest versions always available.

No more file transfers via email or memory sticks.  With secure shared folders, all additions and updates to files are instantly available to Colleagues, Customers and Partners at home and abroad via your own web-based file manager branded with your company’s logo and colours.

Every file in your business is automatically scanned for viruses and instantly and securely backed up. You control who has access to files and folders and you can revoke this access at any time.

Sign up today for just £22.00 for two people to collaborate with 50GB of storage space. Benefit from creating shared workspaces and synchronising your data between your desktop computer, laptop and mobile. Just go to