USB Encryption

Avoiding business data loss.

If your company is losing business data regularly (and most do) then Travel Systems Associates can help you stop the problem simply and cost effectively! Many travel organisations lose commercially sensitive information from staff laptops, USB drives, mobile phones etc. If they do not lose the information then they may be losing devices that can access it. Whatever the event, it need not happen. Using Encryption on your PC, Hard disk drive and USB drive supplied by us ensures your business security.

Travel Systems Associates (TSA) offers all travel organisations a range of data encryption products and services that make a real difference to their business security and protects against the possibility of fines relating to loss client financial data. The system is easy to use and can be administered by either your IT or Human Resources department.

The Remote Management Console (RMC) Cloud Edition allows for web based remote management of selected flash drives. It allows you to control configurable security policies, password requirements, IP and Domain restrictions, and also allows for device admins to securely manage remote devices from anywhere in the world. It is the subscription based alternative to our KRMC Enterprise solution. The database is managed via secure, reliable servers for low upfront cost and no maintenance.

RMC is designed to work specifically with Flash Drives (USB Data Stick). When an approved Flash Drive is connected to a computer with a network or internet connection, an administrator will be able to view detailed information and activity reports about the device. KRMC allows the administrator to monitor where the device is connected and the hostname of the computer. If the administrator has chosen to delete a device’s data, the audit function will verify when the remote deletion occurs. An administrator can export audit logs, allowing compatibility with applications such as Excel and databases. User and administrator activities can be logged for various regulatory compliances.

For the technically minded – features include:

  • Remote Delete (Deletes all data on target drives)
  • Scheduling of actions (present or future times)
  • Advanced event and hostname auditing
  • Graphical reports
  • Locate via IP address
  • IP and Domain Control (Whitelist/Blacklist)
  • Device groups
  • Remote policy modifications and actions:
  • Password Strength and Length
  • Limit Invalid Login Attempts
  • Frequency password should be changed
  • Change user password
  • Master password functionality
  • Disable/Enable devices
  • Remote update/remote message
  • Quick and easy registration and deployment
  • SAS 70 Type II Audited Facility w/ 24x7x365 Support

A simple to use screen allows you to monitor each ‘data stick’ individually and if one should be lost

You can cancel it and issue a new one to the user, safe in the knowledge that your sensitive business information is secure.

Travel Systems Associates can provide a complete range of data encryption services and products including consultancy to ensure that customers receive the maximum benefit.